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Smart Contract
and Implementation

Our best-in-class team of engineers will assist you in the successful design, development and implementation of your project’s smart contracts in solidity.

Our Priorities

The right design

Poorly designed smart contracts are a long-term drag on Web3 projects. We focus on getting it right from the get-go to produce a modulable smart contract infrastructure on which you can rely for the long run.


There is no right for failure in the smart contract world – all our code undergoes a stringent testing and review process by independent senior solidity engineers.

Gas Optimisation

We use transversal gas optimisation techniques to produce gas-efficient smart contracts, which allow you to reach out to the largest userbase possible.


Web3 is a fast moving world, we understand that time is of the matter and that your project needs to move fast to not be left behind.

Our Solidity Engineering Services

Swaps and Bridges

We write, test, audit and deploy contracts on EVM blockchains which empower your protocol with its own liquidity pools swap mechanics. Alternatively, we help you build and operate cross-chain bridges to allow you to send your tokens across multiple blockchains and launch a cross chain Defi project.

Digital Token Creation

We help you design, create and operate the token you need for your ICO, tokenization, defi or NFT project. Starting from standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 we fully customize the code to your project. We help you refine and implement your project tokenomics.

DAO Development

We write and deploy decentralized governance structures to empower your community and protocol. We help you refine the timelock, voting, delegation and consensus mechanisms to best fit your vision while maintaining best-in-class security standards.

Defi Integration

We natively integrate your smart contract and front-end to defi primitives such as Aave, Compound or Uniswap. We understand the complexity and security requirements needed for DeFi applications and help you create your own staking and vesting mechanisms.

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We adopt a multidisciplinary technical approach to best fit your needs in the successful design, implementation and delivery of your Web3 project.

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