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Paris - Jounieh
Founded in
June 2021
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CADMOS is an independently owned Full-Stack Solution Provider for the Digital Asset universe. At our core, we are mathematicians and engineers working together to accompany our clients in Web3.

Our mission is to create rational and professional solutions for digital asset entrepreneurs.

*Data as of December 31th, 2021.

Our Philosophy


Cutting down the noise

Amidst all the noise of the Digital Asset ecosystem, the repetitive cycles of crashes and rallies, the orchestrated social media campaigns, the usual frenzies on random concepts, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture: a paradigm shift is in progress and it will radically transform Finance as we know it. We focus on taking the long view because we believe it is where long-term sustainable returns are to be found – instead of chasing the latest fads and hype cycles, we focus on how to best position our clients on the technologies which we believe will have a lasting impact.



Occam’s razor stands at the core of our intellectual toolkit. We focus on finding simple, efficient, robust and versatile solutions to the challenges of the digital asset world. Simple is beautiful and we believe that minimizing model fragility and focusing on versatility and nimbleness are key to success when standing in the middle of the fast evolving and chaotic crypto-space.



Our scientific backgrounds have hardened the principle of questioning every prior or assumption. We dedicate a significant amount of time focusing on the definition of the problem we face in order to obtain rigorous and self-contained solutions with as few assumptions as possible When embarking in the journey to a foreign, new decentralized economy, we believe that best results may only be obtained when shedding pre-conceived ideas on what works and what doesn’t and to focus on both empirical data and well defined theorical models.

Key Advantages

Advanced Mathematics

We rely on the rigorousness and objectivity of mathematics, not on subjective viewpoints or forecasts, to guide us in the digital asset landscape.

Operational Mastery

We developed an in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and EVM mechanics as well as of Decentralized Finance protocol inner workings.

Holistic Approach

Our expertise ranges from economics to machine learning and solidity gas optimisation principles. We design each component of your project in light of your entire vision.

Priority to Risk Management

Time weeds out investors with lax risk management policies. We focus on setting up the right conditions for long term success. All our technical skills and advantages serve to minimize the amount of unrewarded risks taken.

Our Added Value

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