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CADMOS is an independently owned Full-Stack Solution Provider for the Digital Asset universe. At our core, we are mathematicians and engineers working together to accompany our clients in Web3.
Our mission is to create rational and professional solutions for digital asset entrepreneurs.

Our Added Value

Financial Expertise

We put our comprehensive knowledge of financial markets to use by helping you refine your tokenomics. We further assist you in developing efficient risk management processes, coming into line with professional financial standards and integrating your project within the financial ecosystem.

Blockchain Expertise

Our deep-seated expertise of blockchain mechanics is paramount in achieving the best design for your project architecture. We focus on laying the bases for gas-efficient and secure protocol mechanics as well as on helping you develop best-in-class operational processes for your blockchain interactions.

Scientific Expertise

We rely on the rigorousness and objectivity of mathematics, not on subjective viewpoints or forecasts, to guide us in the digital asset landscape. We can develop original mathematical models to fit your project needs. Our wide-ranging toolkit covers cryptography, financial models, statistics, probability and artificial intelligence.

Regulatory Intelligence

Web3 is a fast-moving landscape and we endeavour to stay abreast of regulatory developments to help you mitigate regulatory uncertainty. We can bridge the technical gap with your lawyers to achieve compliance in your project implementation, while staying true to your vision.

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We adopt a multidisciplinary technical approach to best fit your needs in the successful design, implementation and delivery of your Web3 project.

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